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How can I find the IP address and URL that an SUS server accesses?

We are using software that requires all users who try and access the Internet to enter their user ID and password. To exclude the SUS server from this validation, I need to supply my security department with the IP address(es) and/or URL(s) that the SUS server will be accessing and the protocol(s) used. I have not been able to find that information. Any ideas?
These tools are not designed to ask for credentials when establishing a new browser session. They are, however, designed such that they do not create a new session, but can reuse an existing session. Thus, if you start a browser session, authenticate through the firewall and leave that session running. These tools will then reuse that authenticated session and work without issues. (Note: Some firewalls will allow you to set up a rule to forego authentication for a specific IP address.)

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