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How can I get 128 bit cipher on my IE 6.0?

I am running Windows 2000 and have a problem with Internet Exploere. I started with IE5.5 and applied SP2, then upgraded to IE6. I noticed it only has 56 bit cipher. I need 128 bit, so I applied the patch from MS. No matter how many times I apply it, or whether I remove the IE6 version, it doesn't work when I try to apply the ENCPACK. I always still have 56 bit cipher. I can't un-install IE 5.5 since it is part of the OS. Any suggestions?
It sounds like you might have a GUID length problem. Q253540 describes how if the GUID is too long, you will not be able to upgrade your cipher strength. The answer is to install the latest service pack and try again.

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