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How can I get Windows 2000 to print directly from DOS?

There appears to be a problem in Windows 2000 Professional that does not permit direct printing from DOS. Of the three systems I tried, two were networked and one was a stand alone. Each had a dedicated printer attached. When printing from a DOS application, the document would begin to print and then pause for 15 seconds before re-starting. In some cases, printing would be delayed for 15 seconds. All DOS print jobs appear to be spooling no matter how the printer setup is maintained. In NT there was a command to "DO NOT SPOOL DOS PRINT JOBS". Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Microsoft was no help on this one.
You may want to try changing the settings for the printer to print directly to the printer rather than spool jobs. To do this, select the Properties for the printer in question, select the Advanced tab, and then choose "Print directly to the printer." See if this helps.

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