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How can I get back into Windows 2000 Advanced Server?

GOAL: Get back into Server. Currently, I suspect GP rights have corrupted because it won't let me log in under established Username/PAssword. It says "GP wont let me perform locally". In fact, it won't let me log in under any admin names -- period! I get the same message for ALL!

1st: WINS stopped working (for no reason). I did a second-level repair, reinstalling it all over again. No success. Concurrently, other workstations accessing it started getting a "do not have user rights to access this machine" via Network Neighborhood. I first figured it was Policy Rights problems, or just corruption somewhere.

2nd: I removed extraneous garbage from GP security setup, reconfigured, rebooted, which is now giving the login problems!

At this point, I can get into Repair Directory mode. I am trying to simply REMOVE GP Dir altogether to rebuild completely. I don't care about salvaging any rights (not much in it anyway). I just want to get back in!! I can/will rebuild all that once I can get back in!!

Anyway, I can't delete directories at DOS-level repair mode. It won't let me do squat! It says its deleting, but doesn't! Any ideas or suggestions from here? Advice -- short of reformatting/starting over?
Yikes. That sounds quite painful. My suggestion would be to bring up *another* Windows Domain Controller. Then, once you have that up and running, you can log on to that, and fix whatever problems you might have. Hacking and slashing about the way you're currently approaching the problem could be making things worse.

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