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How can I get my COM port to work under Win2k?

How can I get my COM port to work under Win2k? We have an application that talks to a COM port (COM5) on a custom ISA board. This app worked fine on Win95/Win98, but does not on Win2k. The device manager settings are identical (IRQ 5, 0x120 - 0x 127 with no conflicts). DCB parameters are the same also. On Win98, I can set 'Basic Configuration 8' in the device manager. But on Win2k, when I set 'Basic configuration 8' and reboot, the device manager always shows 'current configuration.' instead of 'Basic configuration 8.'
You probably have a device that is not 100% Windows 2000 compatible. It would probably work under Windows XP and .NET but 2000 does not widely support non-standard hardware. You can double-check with the vendor for an updated driver or a work around, but you may be out of luck.

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