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How can I get my system out of the bootup phase?

I have installed Win 2000 Professional on my system. I upgraded my system with 60 G byte HD, 256 Memory, CD Burner and recently installed Road Runner Cable modem.

Everything has been working fine until yesterday. I was online and working fine, but when I went to log on my system does not get out of the bootup phase. I get the message that my "NTDL is missing" so do CTL/ALT/DEL to restart, but I can restart all day long and still get the NTDL error message.
The "NTLDR is missing" message happens when NT/2000 tries to boot a volume that has no system information on it. This might have happened if you left a floppy disk you formatted in NT/2K in the floppy drive. Check to see you haven't done that.

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