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How can I get non-communicating workstations to connect?

Hi Laura. I have four computers -- A, B, C and D. They are running WinXP Pro, are networked together with TCP/IP and have the following components installed in the network properties:

  • Client for MS networks
  • Service advertising protocol
  • File and printer sharing
  • QoS packet scheduler
  • NWlink NetBIOS
  • NWlink IPX/SPX netbios compatible NetBIOS protocol
  • Internet protocol
  • The problem is that computer A and B can access each other and share docs and print. But computer C and D cannot share or access each other. Each time I try to open C and D from any other PC, I am asked for a password. I can access A and B from C and D. The network is fast on C and D, but slow on A and B. Can you please help? Thanks.
    Without knowing the specifics of how you are doing the IP addressing, I would recommend that you use utilities such as PING and TRACERT to verify that the non-communicating workstations can connect to their loopback address, their default gateway and external resources. Also check C and D's domain/workgroup membership.

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