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How can I get printer drivers so I can use my older printers with Win2000?

I have a Pentiun IV computer working under Windows 2000. My problem is that I have Two Epson printers (Stylus Color Model - 720 Dpi) that have been discontinued from the Epson factory, and neither Microsoft nor Epson has the driver for this brand and model in the Windows 2000 software. I use this printer because I need to print sheets with a long size in landscape about 55 cm and 22 cm high, and under Windows 98 I haven`t any problem. But now I can`t print for the reason that I can't get the driver. Can you help me or suggest something I can do? Thanks in advance for your kindness, and best regards to you, Paul.
If you have the printer manuals still - check to see if the printers have an emulation mode that is acceptable. You might be able to find a compatible printer driver for the emulation mode.

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