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How can I get remote users to see an app installed on a terminal server?

I am new to terminal services. I installed it on a Windows 2000 server, following the 2000 resource kit. I am trying to share a contact manager writer in Visual FoxPro. My network is fine and I can connect to the server from my Win2k Pro workstation fine. The terminal server remote session works fine, but the remote user cannot see the installed application. I installed the application as an administrator on the server using Add/Remove Programs. The shortcut is displayed for the administrator but not for any remote users. I have been reading about profiles and group policy, but have had no luck. Do you know the proper way to install an application on a terminal server and get it on the remote users' desktops? Thank you.
FoxPro applications have some oddities on a terminal server that I'm not personally familiar with since I've managed to avoid FoxPro. The links here and here may offer some useful tips for running FoxPro applications on a terminal server.

However, on the off chance that it's not a FoxPro problem, it sounds like you installed the application while the terminal server was in execute mode. If you run an installation program called SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE, TS is smart enough to prompt you to start Add/Remove Programs to put the server into install mode and then back into execute mode when the installation is finished. However, if the installation routine has any other name, it isn't. Use the change user command line tool to put the server into the proper mode. (Type change user /? for instructions.)

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