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How can I have two VPN clients on one machine?

We have an interesting situation. We are testing VPN clients to replace our present one. I just cannot seem to get both clients on my machine. I am running Permit client for managing the gates we presently have and am trying to test the Nortel client on my machine for the new gates. I run Windows 2000 Pro on a Compaq Presario 1700T. When I install the other client, Windows starts to boot and then hangs there. So is there a way (maybe with the hardware profile?) to allow me to switch back and forth between the two clients, as I will need to do for an interim period, other than having two machines?
Without knowing the specifics of which VPN clients you are using, it seems most likely that you are running into a DLL conflict. A separate hardware or user profile will not help you in this matter, since DLL files are shared between profiles. You can configure two separate copies of the operating system on your workstation and boot between them.

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