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How can I identify which Web sites are taking load?

I am running more than 100 Web sites on my server, but sometimes inetinfo.exe takes 100 load on server, and I am unable open any site. How do I figure out which site is taking load? All my sites are running under Low Application protection. I want get a list of Web sites that are currently taking load.

Here are my specs: Windows 2000 server SP3, IIS 5.0, SQL 2000 Enterprise. The hardware is PIII at 1 GHZ with 512 MB RAM.
This is tough. Process throttling was designed to help you with this, but it can cause more problems then it solves, because it adds performance overhead. You'll need to set the Web sites to High (Isolated) protection. Then you want to enable Process Throttling long enough to identify the busy Web site and immediately disable it. To enable process throttling:

  • Open the Internet Information Server (IIS) console.
  • Expand the IIS Snap-in to open the application or Web site.
  • Right-click the computer name and select Properties.
  • Select WWW Service at the Master Properties list, and click the Edit button next to the list.
  • Click the Performance tab.
  • Select the Enable Process Throttling check box.
  • Set Maximum CPU use (10% is default).

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