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How can I increase the amount of concurrent connections?

Do you know how to tweak Win2k Professional so that its IIS would allow more then 10 connections? The sad truth is that Red Worm creates a great deal of traffic to Web sites. If a Web site is on the server, there is a solution to increase concurrent connections, but it's almost impossible now to host Web sites on Win2k Professional. Even though only one user is connected to your site, he gets an error:
"HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected Internet Information Services."

In a Microsoft article I've found this solution:
"If more than ten connections are needed, use the version of IIS 5.0 that is included in Windows 2000 Server."

I've tried that a few times with no success. I still cannot increase amount of concurrent connections.

Help, please!
Yes, I've been seeing about 1 request per minute from Nimda infected systems, and I don't expect this to change--ever. However, I hadn't thought about how it would affect user-limited IIS implementations.

There is no legal way to change that limitation--it's more a licensing restriction than a technical limit. There are other free Web servers for Windows that don't have the limitation, however I haven't personally worked with them. The most popular Web server on the Internet, Apache, is now available for Windows. Good luck.

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