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How can I integrate a NetWare server into my Win2k environment?

: I have a small Windows 2000 setup within a private domain and it is running AD. Everything seems to be on target; however, I want to add a NetWare 5.1 as an additional server. I will use this primarily to authenticate clients by using the Novell client for Windows and as print server. I just want to keep abreast as to how these two operating systems function in a shared user environment.

Most of the tools and documentation that I have read relate to migration from NetWare to Windows 2000 AD. Can you provide an insight or documentation on incorporating NetWare into a Windows 2000 network environment?

The Novell client for Windows on the workstations will provide additional support for the Novell services, but you will have to decide if you need to go that far. The migration tools, while good for migrations, can also be used simply to provide integration support for the product.

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