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How can I learn more about Rundll32?

I use Rundll32 to set up printers remotely, and I found a tip on the lockworkstation command. Rundll32 seems to be a very powerful system program, but there doesn't seem to be very much information out there about it. So I was wondering what book or Web site you might know of that might have information on what this command can do.
Rundll32.exe doesn't do much of anything. It simply executes an application program interface (API) in a DLL file, which is what makes this little program so ubiquitous and, as you noted, powerful. Using it for various purposes really requires that you learn the APIs available in different DLLs, which ones will support Rundll32 and how to use them. Instead, I recommend that you use the tips for using Rundll32 that you find on the Internet.

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