How can I list or record the GPO priority list in a file?

We have 294 GPOs (group policy objects) migrated from NT 4.0 and applied almost exclusively to Global Groups instead of OUs (organizational units). They're all positioned at the root, and the default domain policy has the highest priority. I'm desperately looking for a method to list/record the GPO priority list in a file -- a process similar to what can be obtained from NT 4.0 by loading ntconfig.pol in RegEdit as a hive, and simply dumping out the priority list. This information must be available someplace in AD. Could you help?
One way to do this is to export Active Directory to a comma-delimited or tabular table and sort the results in Excel or another program that can handle such data. With a little work it would be very easy to do this via VBScript, to export the data, sort it and then print it or re-export it in the proper format.

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