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How can I migrate from an NT4 NTFS file system to Win2k NTFS?

I have about 50 Windows NT 4.0 file and print servers that I need to migrate to Windows 2000. Basically, we've acquired new hardware to replace these (FAP) file and print servers. My question is: Does Microsoft (or third-party vendors) provide any tools to migrate (move) print servers and an NTFS 4.0 file system to a Windows 2000 Active Directory NTFS file system? These 50 servers are located in different states.
One of the first things you are going to want to do in such an environment is clean up and "flatten out" the NT domains you have before moving to Windows 2000. There are four major suites of products to consider for this, each with their own strengths. Aelita Software's Controlled Migration Suite is the most robust product out there for "big" migrations jobs and is probably the one you want to consider first for something like this. Also worth looking into is NetIQ's Domain Migration Administrator, which is much easier to use and cheaper, but is not quite as flexible for larger migrations.

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