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How can I monitor what my employees are doing without using a proxy?

I need a network tool by which I can monitor what my employees are accessing on their network PCs, which user is accessing which PC and what files they're using. I also need the utility that can monitor Internet usage, including what the users are browsing, downloading and chatting -- but without a proxy. Can you recommend one or more tools to help me with these things?
There are a few different tools that cover this space. For monitoring network access to and from each machine, a product like NetVizor will probably do the trick without actually being a proxy. The product also includes keystroke logging and other low-level monitoring tools, as well as checking access to documents and files, and screening of e-mail. It does, however, need to be installed on each desktop individually.

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You can get a lot of this information direct from traffic using a dpi tool like the LANGuardian fro Netfort. It connects to a SPAN or Mirror port on your core switch and collects Meta-data from traffic and stores the info in a database fore real time and historical reporting.