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How can I prevent an IP address from getting into my network?

I am auditing success/failure security logons. Every day, I have at least one or two failures. It says event 529 unknown username or bad password. Log on type 3 workgroup 9q8t801. I have pinged this name, and the IP is not on any of my computers. How can I find out where this address is, and how do I prevent it from getting into the network? Thanks.
My research shows that your auditing details reveal that an intrusion attack is being attempted. If you can't ping the system, then it is an external attack. I'd make sure all of your passwords are strong and that you have account lockout enabled. If you have a reasonable ISP, I'd contact it and tell it about the intrusion attempt and give it all the details you can provide. If you have a router or firewall, configure them to record packet information on all authentication traffic.

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