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How can I pull the GPO to the W2K client computer from AD?

I recently set up a new Windows server 2003. I created a couple test users and put them in groups. I also created some GPOs and linked them. As far as I can tell everything is configured properly on the server side. My question is, when I log onto the domain from my test client computer, it does not pull down the GPO for the group they are in. I feel there is something I need to do on the client side, but I am not sure. How can I pull the GPO to the W2K client computer from AD?
You said you linked the GPO to the correct location. But you didn't say to where. I'm guessing you linked the GPOs to a place that has no user or computer accounts; hence, you won't see much action. Or, maybe you created the GPO, but didn't actually link it anywhere. Don't feel bad though -- I make mistakes like this all the time. Be sure to click on the Scope tab using GPMC and look at the "Links" field to see, specifically, where the GPO is linked to. That should help you determine if you're really linked or not.

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