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How can I remove Win2k and revert to Windows 98?

Can Windows 2000 upgrade be uninstalled in order to go back to Windows 98? Or will I have to reformat the drive and do a fresh install of Win98?
There are numerous Web sites that describe how to remove Windows 2000 and restore Windows 98, but I'm not a big fan of doing it. First, if Windows 2000 upgraded your file system to NTFS, you can't simply restore Windows 98 without reformatting the hard disk. Second, the process seldom yields a perfectly working configuration once you're done. My suggestion is that you reformat and start over. But, if you're going back to Windows 98 because you're unsatisfied with Windows 2000, you should take a look at Windows XP. If the problem is compatibility with legacy applications, then Windows XP and the Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0 can probably help.

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