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How can I remove the Windows 2000 dual-boot menu?

How do I disable the Windows 2000 dual-boot menu? I no longer use Windows 98, which is one of the two choices (Windows 2000 is the other). The default is Windows 98, which has been uninstalled. As such, I always have to select the second boot choice. Can this dual-boot menu be removed? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Edit C:\Boot.ini. By default, the file has the S, H and R attributes enabled. Run the command attrib ?s ?h ?r c:\boot.ini, edit the file, and then run the command attrib +s +h +r c:\boot.ini to restore the file. From Boot.ini, remove the entry corresponding to Windows 98. For more information about the contents of this file, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Purpose of the BOOT.INI file in Windows 2000 or Windows NT.

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