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How can I reorder the OS list when I start my machine?

My Windows 2000 server suffered damage to several files in C:winntsystem32, causing a blue screen at reboot. I installed a second copy of Windows 2000 server in C:win2k so that I could restart the machine and repair the original software installation from backup.

Everything works fine now. However, when I restart the server, it automatically loads the OS installed in C:win2k, as this is the first entry in the list of operating systems displayed at system start. I have to be able to reboot this machine remotely, so I can't use my finger to select the second line of the list! How can I change the order of the list of installed operating systems displayed when I start the machine? I would be very grateful for your help.

You can either make the change through the System applet in the Control Panel -- look for the Startup and Recovery section -- or you can open the boot.ini file with Notepad (after you disable its read-only status) and edit the default load line. I recommend using the System applet method, because it will prevent you from damaging the boot.ini file.

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