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How can I reset my local security policy to the original configuration?

How can I reset my local security policy to the original configuration? I am studying Windows 2000 Professional on my own and using my Windows 2000 Pro PC. I recently wanted to try my hand at setting my local security policy and decided to try to limit network access to my PC by removing all the entries (including administrator) and leaving only my own network login account, thinking that it would be the most restrictive policy for accessing my computer. It was -- so restrictive that now even my own network login cannot access Local Security Policies. I can log in and do all my normal work, but now that I want to try other local security policy settings, I cannot. I'm thinking that I should not have removed the local administrator account. I actually removed it thinking it was the domain administrator account, but by the time I realized what I had done, it was too late AND, of course, I did not back anything up. This was not really a problem since the PC is for practice and I can rebuild it if needed to. But, since it's for training, I thought I would ask if there is a back door here. Thanks.
I don't know of an easy fix for your problem. Once you're locked out, you're locked out -- as designed. I do recommend that you reinstall Windows. But, since this is a computer that you're using for training and experimentation, make a disk image of the computer after you've installed and configured it. Then, you can safely experiment without being afraid of leaving yourself locked out. Try Symantec Ghost -- it's my favorite disk imaging product, but there are plenty others available.

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