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How can I restrict what users can seeon their desktops and in Control Panel?

I would like to restrict what users can see on their desktops and in the Control Panel. I am assuming that some sort of script will need to be written, but unfortunately I have no idea of how to even create such a script. If you can provide me with some info, that would be great. This is for Win2000 machines and servers. Thanks in advance.
Usually this is done via mandatory profiles. The contents of the Start menu and the desktop are customized, then the USER.DAT file is renamed to USER.MAN. Then all user accounts are configured to use the mandatory profile. Thus, all changes users make to the system will be discarded and they will always be presented with the same standard uniform desktop and Start menu that you create. There are also some desktop and Start menu controls in the group policy objects that you can use. To access these, open the GPO for your domain, site or OU and look under the User Configuration section.

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