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How can I retain existing settings on client PCs during a migration?

I have a NT4 DC & all LAN users login using NT username and run network applications. I have a new server on which win2k has to be installed & be made the DC & to which all the users have to be migrated. If I change the username on the domain, how can I retain /copy all the existing settings on client PCs so that migration will not result in redoing everything [installation/desktop setting etc]again on the client PCs?
You can copy the users profile over after the system has been moved to the new domain. Here are the basic steps for a Windows XP machine:

1) Have the user log on with his new account
- A new profile will be created likely called username.domainname
2) Log the user off
3) Log on as an administrator of the local machine (typically domain administrators are)
4) Delete the username.domainname profile found in the C:\Documents and Settings folder on the machine
5) Rename the old profile to match the username.domainname
6) Reset the permissions on the username.domainname folder to be Administrator Full, System Full, and username Full. Force the change to all sub-folders.
7) Have the user log on as the new user account from the domain. Their icons and settings should all be there.

There are other ways, but the process is generally the same. Scripting is possible but can be a bit tricky.

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