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How can I set up a Linux DNS server to work with AD?

As a class project, we are trying to set up a Linux DNS server, but we are having trouble doing so. We have been looking on the Internet at different sites trying to find information, but we continue to get nowhere. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
The requirements for DNS for use with Active Directory are as follows:
  • The DNS server must support RFC 2052, SRV RR.
  • The DNS must support RFC 2136, dynamic update protocol.
On Linux, the version 8.1.2 or later of BIND should work. Anything earlier will present problems, which will resulting in you having to manually add records -- a very ugly business with Active Directory.

Of course, if you have an existing DNS and simply want to incorporate the use of Active Directory, you may wish to take the easier route of simply creating a separate zone for the internal machines that AD will be supporting and then delegate that zone to an internal Windows 2000 DNS implementation. As long as you are not dealing with 10,000 users/workstations you could most likely use the domain controllers as your DNS servers. Take a look at MS KB 301191, Integrate DNS with existing DNS infrastructure if Active Directory is enabled in Windows 2000.

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