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How can I set up fake domain to test Oracle 9ias?

I need to set up a fake domain at my office to test Oracle 9ias. The test office LAN consists of two Win2k Professional machines. How do I set up a domain name on this LAN architecture (e.g., I want to name my computers "station1.myhome.com" and "station2.myhome.com" and use "myhome.com" as the domain)? The domain name does not have to be authentic. Oracle 9ias needs the two computers to be on a domain. Thanks for your help.
The easiest way to do this is just to promote one of the machines to the status of a domain controller, set up Active Directory and DNS and set the local DNS entries on the machine to reflect the changes. The second machine will need to be configured appropriately as well (as a standalone server in that controller's domain), but they don't need to talk to the outside world to work properly.

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