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How can I set up the Messenger Service window in the background?

How can I set up the Messenger Service window in the background when a message is received in Windows 2000 or Windows XP? This is to prevent hitting the "OK" button while I'm writing. I've seen the Messenger Service window in the background in our main server when the Terminal Services is running.
There's no easy way to do this, unfortunately. One possible solution is to use a third-party program that automatically closes modal windows or relocates them to another virtual desktop, but that kind of defeats the whole point of the Messenger Service having a modal dialog in the first place. It's designed to pop up and get your attention and require a forcible dismissal. If your administrator is relying a little too heavily on the Messenger Service for broadcasts, that may be a problem in itself; it's not the sort of thing you should use too casually, as a) the Messenger Service is at this point a known security hole and b) it dilutes its usefulness if it's being used to broadcast messages a little too liberally.

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