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How can I stop Win2k from changing IP on a PC at a remote location?

I have a remote location that is accessible via virtual private network (VPN) (it's a standard Win2000 VPN setup) from a Win2000 server running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). There is a PC running Win98 at the remote location that has a printer that needs to print from a Unix server. There is an app on the PC that runs this Unix service. The problem is, each time the VPN connection is made, the static IP I have set up on the PC is changed by the Win2000 server. For Unix to use this PC, the IP must always be the same. Do you have an idea on how I can keep the 2000 server from changing the IP?
A static IP changes? I don't understand how that can happen. The way I would configure the network is to use a static IP (or a DHCP reservation) for the Win98 system, and then create a routed network-to-network VPN between sites. If this is configured correctly, the Win98 system will keep the same IP address.

Perhaps by "static IP" you meant a DHCP reservation? If that's the case, I would manually configure the Win98 systems IP. Also, verify that you are using the DHCP service, rather than Remote Access Service (RRAS), to assign IP address:

  • Open the Routing And Remote Access console.
  • Right-click your server node and click Properties.
  • Click the IP tab. Click DHCP (this is the default), and click OK.

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