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How can I stop temp file accumulation?

I seem to be accumulating a large number of temp files in c:winnttemp. These files are of the form - LBxxxx.tmp. These files are being created and used by store.exe. Since I cannot dismount the database or stop the Exchange services, is there any way I can get rid of these files? And why is store.exe creating them and not deleting them afterwards, as is being done on other Exchange 2000 servers I have? Environment: Win2k server SP3, Exchange 2000 Server (not enterprise version) SP3.

Any help would be appreciated.

You'll see this happen either when very large files are streamed into or out of the Information Store or when the streaming store (.stm file) is highly fragmented.

Typically, Exchange automatically deletes these files from the %SYSTEMROOT%\TEMP folder once they have been committed to the database. Exchange's database engine also keeps a small number of these files open for each database. The files are deleted when a database is cleanly shut down, when a storage group is dismounted and when the Information Store service is stopped. If the store does not shut down cleanly, files that were open at the time of the dirty shutdown will remain.

For more information on this issue, as well as Microsoft's recommended resolution, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 328583 entitled Lb*.tmp Files Are Created in the TEMP Folder and Are Not Deleted.

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