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How can I switch my default master time server for my domain?

I have a multi-site Windows 2000 domain which was recently upgraded from a Windows NT 4.0 domain. For the upgrade to Active Directory, we promoted another computer to the PDC role, leaving the old PDC as a BDC. We then took the BDC offline and ran the upgrade to Windows 2000 and Active Directory on the new PDC. We'll call this SERVER1 and the old PDC SERVER2. There are several other servers in the domain, some member servers and some domain controllers, depending on their location.

My problem is this: my default master time server for the entire domain is SERVER1. I want it to be SERVER2. If I run a NET TIME command on any file server (without parameters), it lists SERVER1 as the primary where is gets its time. This server is going to be shipped out to a branch office and shouldn't be the default time server for the domain.

I have since transferred the GC back to SERVER2 (the old PDC), as well as the 5 FSMO roles (although I'm going to split the roles up a bit with another DC on the local LAN after this issue is resolved). I checked all of the roles out with DUMPFSMO, and none of them are assigned to SERVER1. I have rebooted all of the servers, and still the master time server is listed as SERVER1. When I down SERVER1 and attempt to move it out of the local LAN, some things seem to get hung-up and I can't find another server to get time from automatically. I'm afraid synchronization won't work between my domain controllers listed in Active Directory. How can I solve this problem? What did I miss?

Thanks ahead for any help you can give me!
I think you just need to set the time server on each server system by following the instructions in the following Microsoft documents:  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;216734
If that document fails to resolve the issue, try searching with "time server" at Microsoft.com/technet.

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