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How can I test the integrity of an app installed on Terminal Server?

What testing do I have to do for an application that is installed on Terminal Server? Or, can you give me the checkpoints...

that I have to go through to make sure the application maintains its integrity on Terminal Server? I'm not sure what you mean by application integrity -- applications aren't liable to corruption on a terminal server any more than they are anywhere else. When testing applications for suitability on a terminal server, here's a quick checklist of the kinds of things you're looking for:

  • Applications that identify users by name, not by machine name or machine IP address

  • Applications that don't overtax system resources such as processor time or memory. Memory leaks or constant CPU polling are very bad in an application running on a shared system

  • On Windows 2000 Terminal Services without MetaFrame, applications that work well with a maximum color depth of 256 colors and

  • 32-bit applications, rather than 16-bit applications. All else being equal -- and it usually isn't -- 32-bit applications will use less memory than 16-bit applications because 16-bit applications must all run within a private virtual machine that does not allow them to share code.

This was last published in June 2003

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