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How can I tweak the server to clear orphan queries?

Hi, Laura. I am running MS SQL Server 7.0 on an NT 4.0 server SP6a. Over a period of time, the active TCP connections build up and no further connections are able to be made to the server. I have confirmed that SQL Server is up and running and there are no active threads or jobs in SQL. I can open Enterprise Manager on the console and run queries. Additionally, I can continue to initiate and execute queries remotely. My question is: How can I tweak the server to clear orphan queries on that server?
The Windows default for maintaining a TCP connection open in a TIME_WAIT state is four minutes, which may be too long for your environments' needs. Refer to KB article TCP/IP and NBT Configuration parameters for Windows 2000 or Windows NT for information on modifying TCP parameters, especially the "TCPTimedWaitDelay" setting, which can be reduced as low as five seconds. All usual disclaimers about registry editing and testing changes before implementing them in a production environment apply.

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