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How can I use "Logon Workstations" in AD without WINS?

Currently we use the "Logon Workstations" feature in a user's properties to limit which workstation a user can log onto. We are still using WINS in our AD environment. When and if we get rid of WINS in our AD environment, how do we still utilize this function in AD, as the screen where you enable this says: "This feature requires the NetBIOS protocol. In Computer Name, type the pre-Windows 2000 computer name."

Any ideas, or am I not understanding this correctly?

This means the NetBIOS must be enabled on the NIC and protocol pair that you are using in the network settings. To see this option on any workstation, right click on the My Network Places icon, select Properties. Select the network card and click Properties. Click on TCP/IP and click Properties. Click the ADVANCED button in the bottom right corner. Click on the WINS tab. There is a radio button that says 'Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP,' 'Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP' or 'Use NetBIOS setting from DHCP server.' The default is the first choice. This is all that is required for the option to work. WINS is not a requirement. The system is still locating the workstation via DNS (as long as all workstations are Win2000 or WinXP) and then checking the NetBIOS name prior to completing the logon.

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