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How can I use a GPO or script to remove VNC software?

Could you lead me down the right path? I am a young admin who has been tasked with what seems like a tough job. What I need to do is be able to use a GPO or script to remove all existing VNC software (Ultra, Tridia, Tight) from the computers in my domain. After that, or as a part of this process, I then want to push out a new VNC tool so that all systems have the same remote control solution. Any help would be much appreciated. Platform: Windows 2000 Servers and Windows XP clients. XP/Pro.
This is quite a tough job. I would suggest creating a login script that determines what is installed and specifically uninstalls the applications you don't want. Second, I would package my universal remote-control solution as an MSI then use Group Policy Software Installation to do the deployment -- one time. And you'll be set!

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