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How can I work around a duplicate name problem when installing Active Directory?

I am installing Win2k Active Directory and am using an existing domain (say ABC.com) as the AD root domain. The problem is that the abc.com domain already has an 'a' record that points to another Web server. I thought I could leave it unchanged, but I got an error that says "domain is already in use" when installing Active Directory. How can I solve it?
First off, do you have an existing NT domain with the name 'abc'? How about a machine on the wire with the name 'abc'? This would cause the duplicate name error. Tell me more about your DNS configuration. You say the DNS server already has a host record for abc.com.

Is this an internal company name server or an Internet name server? If it is an Internet server, it won't be configured to accept dynamic updates. You'll need to install your own DNS server. The machine you're promoting would do fine if you have a small shop but you'll be faced with maintaining two DNS zones, one internal and one external.

My recommendation would be to set up an internal zone with the name abc.local. Point your clients at that name server. Delete the root zone (the one with the dot) and point the W2K DNS server at the Internet DNS server as a forwarder. Hope this helps.

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