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How can Win2k3 password authenticate our Unix users?

We have been using CIFS/PAM_SMB to password authenticate our Unix users. Our WinTel group is upgrading to Windows Server 2003 (native mode) and the SMB support breaks. I have tried using PAM_KRB5, but Win2003 AD is breaking that as well. Is there a way to make this work?

I wish I could say for sure, but I don't have the ability to duplicate this in my lab. However, I believe rather than using Native Mode, you could use Mixed Mode. This would make it possible to add NT4 PDCs into the domain; Samba works well with WindowsNT PDCs.

Also, if you don't want to compromise that much, you can make sure that you are not running in Server 2003 mode, which is a super-charged Network 2003.

Finally, you may want to do a search for MKS AD4Unix, which is reported to help negotiate authentications between Samba and Active Directory.

There's a pretty good article on this at Security Focus.

Find information about Unix user groups in the UK.

This was last published in December 2004

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