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How can a remote user browse network resources through the RRAS server?

I have a RRAS server set up in our Windows 2000 environment. I have remote users logging in using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN connection was created using the connection manager that comes with Windows 2000. A remote user can connect OK with this "connectoid," but after he has connected successfully to the server, how does he access network resources? He can't see anything extra in Network Neighborhood or any extra drives in My Computer. The RRAS server is configured to allocate IP addresses via DHCP.
To enable browsing of resources, you should add the systems to an Active Directory or, alternatively, create a WINS server. Either will allow the user to browse a directory of available network resources. If you're relying on broadcast messages to browse for resources, which is the default method in Windows 2000, VPN clients will not be able to browse or resolve NetBIOS names. However, they will be able to map connections using IP addresses. For example, a VPN client who does not have WINS or an Active Directory server configured could connect to the$ share, but not to servernamec$.

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