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How can we find the functions prototypes from DLL?

How can we find the functions prototypes from DLL? I have a DLL from which I want to extract the function parameters...

and return type. Is it possible? I guess you want to do a little reverse engineering? You can always use the DUMPBIN.EXE program with the /EXPORTS command line option to see the exported functions from the DLL. If the DLL exports are C++ names, they begin with "?", the UNDNAME.EXE program from the Windows Platform SDK will show the complete prototype. With C exports, the majority case, getting the parameters will require much more work on your part. You'll need to disassemble the binary and analyze the parameter usage from the assembly language. While you might find the number of parameters without much work, getting the types will take a lot of work. Probably the best thing to do is invest in IDA Pro, an excellent disassembler, from www.datarescue.com.

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