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How can we integrate our new server into our PDC?

My organization currently has 4 servers running. One NT 4.0 server is running Microsoft Exchange and is the PDC. We have one NT 4.0 Terminal Services BDC, one file server running UNIX and one Windows 2000 Server running our Property Management System. We are a conference center. We have purchased a new server to replace the Terminal Server. We want the new server to be running Windows Server 2003 Standard using Terminal Services. I am wondering what would be the process in integrating the new server into our existing PDC? We will also be upgrading to Exchange 2003. So, do we upgrade the PDC machine first to Windows 2003 and then incorporate the new 2003 server? Or can the new 2003 server co-exist with NT 4.0 PDC? Can you help or point me in the direction of some good resources to help us manage this migration?
The New Windows 2003 server can act as a Terminal Server without being a BDC/DC of any kind. So, if you simply add the Windows 2003 server to the NT 4.0 domain you will be okay. If you want the W2K3 server to be a domain controller – you will first have to upgrade the Windows NT 4.0 PDC to be a Windows 2003 machine and establish the Active Directory. Upgrade the existing BDC (or remove it altogether). Then you can promote the new Windows 2003/TS server to be a domain controller as well.

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