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How can we remove vendor/company logos from PC bootup screens?

We are a small company in Northeast England selling second-user PCs (mainly ex-corporate and government machines). They are almost all running on Win98SE, and a large number are Compaq Deskpro ENs. Many have company or divisional logos on the opening bootup screen. Can you advise us how to remove these images? We are reluctant to offer for sale PCs that open up with proclamations from Virgin Atlantic Airways and such -- much as we like and admire Richard Branson! Many thanks in anticipation of advice.
The file you're looking for is likely C:Logo.sys. Just remove it to restore Windows 98's startup logo. I found this information on UseNet and am unable to confirm it at the moment, so give it a go.

Regarding your business process of reselling computers that have Microsoft Windows 98 installed on them: Be careful that you're not violating any license agreements by selling software you don't own. If the company you acquired the computers from did not also transfer the licenses or used those licenses as upgrades, you might be heading for trouble. I'm sure that you've already thought this through.

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