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How can we use proxy authentication and still allow users access to Messenger and Real Player?

We have a 2000 proxy server installed in our company. We wanted to authenticate the users who need to access the Internet across this proxy, so we made the authentication by the "default Web site properties" by disabling anonymous access and made a restricted access to the users from specified IP addresses. The problem is that the users can't use Messenger and Real Player and others programs. I tried to use the winsock proxy, but without any result. Thank you.
I don't know of a great way to do this. One not-so-great way is to configure your users with fixed IP address (i.e., not DHCP-assigned) and to implement source-IP address filtering for messenger and Real Player.

Another option is to allow access to those applications from all IP addresses, but use group policies to "lock-down" the desktop environment. In other words, stop your users from running those applications at all.

Sorry I don't have a better answer -- those protocols weren't designed for use with authentication to a proxy server.

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