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How do I apply login scripts using a .bat file to map user networks drives in a Win2k environment?

I would like to apply login scripts using a .bat file to map user network drives in a complete Win2000 enviroment. I have created the .bat file but am unsure how to apply the script to the client. Putting it in the default WinNT directory didn't work.
You can distribute the batch file as a logon script if you have an Active Directory domain.

- Open AD Users & Computers, right-click the Domain object, and select Properties from the flyout menu.
- Select the Group Policy tab.
- Highlight the Default Domain policy and click Edit to open the Group Policy Editor. (You can also create another policy. In a larger organization with several OUs, it is preferable to have separate policies.)
- Expand the tree to User Configuration | Windows Settings | Scripts (Logon/Logoff).
- Double-click the Logon icon in the right pane.
- Click Add then Browse. Place your batch file in the location displayed in the Browse window, then select the script as a logon script. Save your changes.
- Log on at a W2K desktop and verify that you get the script.

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