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How do I cleanly remove a DC from an AD forest?

We are currently carrying out various testing for our branch environment, which includes an NT4 BDC (backup domain controller) in every branch (950 in total). Our test environments regularly rebuild the DCs for a clean environment, which is OK for NT4, but not OK for Win2k. Our test forest has issues with the rebuilds that we're investigating (rogue connection objects, duplicate DNS entries, etc.). Can you provide a checklist of how to cleanly remove a DC from the forest, as a DCPROMO demotion is obviously not enough?
Following are a couple of articles from Microsoft that may provide some assistance. Honestly, I would have serious concerns about having to rebuild servers on a regular basis. This really shouldn't be necessary and I would suggest putting more resources on solving that problem then solving the symptoms created by it.

  • How-to: Remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain controller demotion (KB article Q216498)
  • Lingering objects may remain after you bring an out-of-date global catalog server back online (KB article Q314282)
  • Dig Deeper on Windows systems and network management

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