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How do I configure Active Directory for a Win2000 server so that it will communicate with an NT PDC/

I have a one NT domain and I am adding one Windows 2000 server to the domain. My PDC and all the BDCs are NT. How do I configure Active Directory for the Win2000 server so that it will communicate with the NT domain? I tried adding it as new, but it disjoined the NT domain. Then I tried claiming it was an existing domain, but it would not take the domain name, saying that it already existed. I am lost!
Sounds like you are trying to make the Win2k machine part of the NT domain as a BDC. Well, you can't. It can only be a member server. So, you just join the domain by right-clicking on My Computer | Properties. Then click the Network Identification tab and click the Properties Button. Click the Domain radio button and enter the name of the NT 4.0 domain. The Server will join the domain. Now, if you are trying to add Active Directory to your domain -- you will need to first upgrade the current NT 4.0 PDC to be a Windows 2000 server and thus convert your NT 4.0 domain to Active Directory. This is certainly not a task to be taken lightly, so do some appropriate planning and testing.

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