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How do I configure DNS in a child domain?

How I can configure DNS in a child domain? My domain is nwtraders.msft (server name: London) and my child domain is asia1.nwtraders.msft (server name: Bangalore). I did the following steps:

  1. I installed two Windows 2000 Advanced Servers and set the namespaces.
  2. I installed DNS on London and created forward lookup zone nwtraders.msft and reverse lookup zone 1.168.192. Both zones are configured for dynamic updates.
  3. I created a new delegation for asia1.nwtraders.msft. I typed the server name and clicked resolve. I got an error message saying: "There is no NS record for the server." I entered the IP address and finished the delegation.
  4. I did the same for reverse lookup zone.
  5. I changed the primary DNS server address of Banglore to local address
  6. I installed DNS on Bangalore and created forward lookup zone asia1.nwtraders.msft and secondary reverse lookup zone for nwtraders.msft.
  7. I ran dcpromo.exe and installed domain controller on London for the domain nwtraders.msft.
  8. I ran dcpromo.exe and tried to install a child domain for nwtraders.msft, but it is giving me an error message saying it is not able to locate domain controller.

Please help me to solve this problem.

The machine in question is going to start by looking for .msft, which it will not be able to find. You must create a .msft zone on the primary DNS server.

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