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How do I create a macro that can create a file that includes another macro in it?

I currently have a macro in Excel that creates an Excel template by importing a text file into the spreadsheet and then saving it as a template. I want the template to have a macro in it that does something different. How do I create a macro that can create a file that includes a macro in it?
Interesting question. What you'd have to do is write a macro to parse up your text file and as part of that macro, write the macro you want to write. Is that recursive enough for you? What you are going to have to do is manipulate the Visual Basic Editor 6.0 Object Model to drive your macro creation. In Office XP Developer, the Visual Basic Editor 6.0 Object Model is discussed under the Microsoft Office XP Developer Object Model Guide, Shared Components section of the documentation. The ins and outs are in the VBOB6.CHM help file. When you install Office XP, make sure to check that you want all the programming help/VBA files installed so you get it installed.

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How to create an Excel macro programmatically:

'Assuming  that XLBook has a reference to the open Workbook where you want to create the macro
Set objCodeModule = XLBook.VBProject.VBComponents.Item("Module1").CodeModule
sNewCode = "Public Function NewFunction(ByVal intStartRow, ByVal intEndRow)" & vbCrLf
sNewCode = sNewCode &" Sheet1.Range(Sheet1.Cells(intStartRow, 1), Sheet1.Cells(intEndRow, 10)).Select" & vbCrLf
sNewCode = sNewCode &" Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 35" & vbCrLf
sNewCode = sNewCode &"End Function" & vbCrLf


'do something else but don't forget to use Save method to save the code
Never had a need to do it, but saving the code snip to my files for future reference.

Will have to try it out, thanks.