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How do I define different user-based or group-based policies depending on the computer that the user

How do I define completely different user- or group-based (as opposed to computer-based) policies depending on the computer the user logs onto? For example, I'd like to have the ability to define one policy for a user when said user logs onto a Windows 2000 or XP workstation and another for when that user logs on via Terminal Services. I've placed our Citrix MetaFrame/Win2k servers running Terminal Services in a separate organizational unit (OU). However, my understanding is that user-based policies defined at the OU level do not apply unless the user object to which they are applied is also located in that OU. If I move all Citrix/Terminal Services users to this OU, the different policies I would like in effect when they log on to a workstation won't be applied. Is there a way that I can accomplish what I want to do?
See the KB article Q231287 for an explanation of loopback processing.

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