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How do I get my Win2k PDC, two NT4 BDCs and Win2k server to join?

I have a Windows NT4 PDC (A), NT4 BDC (B) NT4 BDC (C) and Win2000 server (D). I am running Exchange 5.5 on the NT machines and Exchange 2000 on the 2000 machine. The NT machines are on the same domain and the 2000 machine on a different one. I manually created the (A) users on the (D) machine, From testing, when (A) is offline, and (D) online, users can logon to the new domain and send and receive mail, no problem. Question, how can I get machines A, B and C to join D? If you could provide step-by-step help for this, I would really appreciate it.
Quick answer -- migrate the rest of the users over to D and rebuild A, B,and C. as Windows 2000 machines and promote them to DC if you like.

Another answer might be to upgrade the domain and then demote the PDC and BDCs until the is not domain. Then join the D server's domain. Not pretty, and honestly, I don't see a compelling reason to try this.

If your Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 is complete, you should basically focus on manually migrating the resources over to the new AD structure.

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