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How do I get rid of 'residue' left on my Exchange server after an upgrade?

Approximately a year ago (before I came on the scene), the company I work for brought a consultant in to perform an Exchange 5.5 to 2000 upgrade in a 2000 domain. The server that has housed Exchange since then is now in need of replacement (space issues and what appears to be a shaky installation). Examination of the current Exchange server reveals that the upgrade that was performed has left some unexpected "residue."

It appears that the machine believes it is still running both versions of Exchange (single-box mixed mode?). I have built a replacement Exchange 2000 box and I am hoping to get the two boxes working simultaneously, gradually move all mailboxes and public folders to the new box and then decommission the old box. I have done the same process with Exchange 5.5 twice and have had very little difficulty. The apparent existence of two versions of Exchange on this box and the fact that it's an Exchange 2000 move have left me looking for some guidance and/or advice on possible pitfalls. Also, I would like an opinion as to whether or not the apparent existence of two Exchange installations on the same box is normal for a machine that was upgraded from 5.5 to 2000.
This is an interesting problem; I hope my understanding of it is correct. It sounds like you believe both versions of Exchange are present because:

  1. This was an upgrade from Exchange 5.5 and
  2. You have a single Exchange server in your organization and yours remains in mixed mode.
If these are the only two reasons that you believe the two versions co-exist on the same computer, then you are in better shape than you think.

If you have a single Exchange 5.5 server and you upgrade in-place to Exchange 2000, you'll still be in mixed mode until you manually convert to Exchange native mode.

Now, if you believe that the two versions co-exist for reasons other than the two I stated, then this is quite an unusual situation. I'm not sure how both of them could co-exist on the same system, let alone co-existing for about a year. But if it has, I would find some way to externalize the e-mail data you need to save before attempting to move to a new server. You should be able to have your users export their e-mail using their Outlook clients, or you can do the exporting yourself with ExMerge. Have a look at Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge program (Exmerge.exe) information for details.

Then, install a new Exchange 2000 server in the same Organization and Administrative Group as the existing Exchange 2000 server. Once the installation is complete, use the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in to move the mailboxes to the new server. If anything goes wrong in this process, you'll have the exported data, which can be imported into a fresh Exchange Organization.

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